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Black Pearl Product Features

  • Black pearl can last up to 6 months on Tires, which is considerably longer than any other tire shine or dressing.
  • It will not wash off in the rain or with a presser washer when cleaning the vehicle.
  • 100% touch dry within minutes. Black Pearl won't sling, smear or come off if you brush up against any of the coated surfaces.
  • Free from silicons & solvents which can harm rubber, resulting in cracked & faded surfaces.
  • Comes in Matt & Gloss finishes. It can be layered up to add more shine and gloss to the surfaces, which will also increase durability,
  • Restores black & grey faded trim. Outlasts just about all other trim coating,- lasts for years

Black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour Is Unlike Any Other Tire Shine & Trim Product

Black Pearl Trim and Tire Armour is a water-based, polymer-based tire  & Trim coating which lasts longer than conventional oil-based tire dressings.

The polymers employed are similar to those used in the architectural paint industry. Through a careful selection of additives, the final cured films have the necessary flexibility and durability to perform on tire surfaces without cracking or separating. This is despite the stresses imposed by the ‘bend and stretch’ distortional forces associated with rotating tires, even under harsh weather conditions.

Unlike conventional silicone oil-based products, Black Pearl does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). There are no flammable, toxic, irritating, or carcinogenic solvents or additives. Black Pearl will not damage paint, plastic, or any other surface-type it may come in contact with, and it will not denature (i.e. damage) tire rubber.  Petroleum distillates in conventional products, which, with repeated use, may eventually damage tires. Unlike conventional products, Black Pearl will not cause ‘fish-eye’ in auto body paint shops.

Black Pearl forms a dry film that does not sling or smear, lasts 6+ months under normal driving conditions, and is not damaged by pressure washers or the automatic car washers.

Read What Customers Have Said About Black Pearl

I have used many tyre products yet none have the durability that this offers, this is now my second order and can say it lasted the 6 months that was promised, I will never use a different product 5* over the moon cheers 🙂

This tire coating is amazing! The prep is key but when prepped and applied the right way there's nothing like it! Looks great and is very durable.


Buy Black Pearl & Apply It Yourself

Or Have Your Local Approved Installer Apply Black Pearl

Black Pearl is easy to apply but it is essential that it is applied to a clean surface.  This will take some preparation work, but it still easy to do and we include a full guides & videos.

Approved Installer 214 Detailing. Unit Audi s3 2 coats of gloss

If you prefer, then use your nearest approved installer to  clean, prepare & apply Black Pearl correctly to your tires and plastic trim. It will also restore and protect any other vinyl surface. 

Black Pearl For The Motor Trade & Business

Regardless of whether you have just 1, or a fleet of vehicles that need to always look clean, then Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour is perfect for your business  

  • Wedding Cars
  • Show and Exhibition Cars
  • Dealerships
  • Limo Hire
  • Prestige and Performance Car Hire
  • Taxis & Private Hire
  • Museums
  • Long/short term storage
  • Funeral Cars

We can offer Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour in bulk sizes. With  discounts for business & trade users.  

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