Detailing Worlds Review Of Black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour

When we received the request from, ‘Detailing World’, one of the biggest detailing forums asking if they could have a sample of, ‘Black Pearl’ for review,

We definitely jumped at this opportunity and sent over one of our kits.

Why Reviews Are So Important

Reviews are so important to us. They help us to create a better product and also assist potential customers, by seeing what others have written about Black Pearl.

We love to learn what others think about Black Pearl. We want to know that our customers are as happy with the product as we are.


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Reviews Help All Of Us

The review starts by explaining the product benefits that Black Pearl is renowned for ;

Its Got To Be A Clean Tire

As you know, prior to application the tyres have to be clean and free from the anti-rot wax found on tyres.

The review states how the preparation is very important, and we can’t overstate this enough, otherwise Black Pearl won’t bond effectively to the tyre

Tools That Help Out With Drying

The luxury of having a Metro Side Kick, air blaster is a definite bonus when it comes to blasting away any water from the wheels and drying the tyres

rather than drying with a microfiber towel as the surface will need to be total dry

Why The Roller & Tray?

Yes we do know just odd the roller method may look in some of photos and what people must think when they see it but its not to you try it for your self ace till you see how it it does make sense & its a really good way of applying the product to the tyres & trim of your car

and you do need a wet microfiber towel to wipe off any black Pearl off the wheels or bodywork

you can see how much browning & dirt had come off with omniclean

omniclean is made by Robert the same chemist who makes black pearl trim & tyre armour

What Is OmniClean

its a powerfully alkaline cleaner that is perfect for cleaning your tires & far more effective than any all purpose cleaner and its what you need for applying black Pearl

Read Our Guide About How To Apply Black Pearl

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