How to Get A Wet Look From Your Tires Using Black Pearl

if you’re always on the lookout for the shinest wettest looking tire shine for tires then Here is a little trick you can use with black pearl to add more gloss & shine to your tires and without that greasy feel and total dry to the touch 


Why black Pearl 


because black Pearl can be layed up with as many coats as you want to make your tires shiner has never been easier you can keep adding more & more layers of the coating to the tire increasing the shine & getting that wet look you are looking for

Black Pearl Tire & Trim Armour being applied

How easy is it 


simply apply as many coats on the surface leaving 20 to 30mins for the product to flash between coatings

and also because black Pearl comes in both gloss & matt using gloss with giving you a slightly gloss look which of course can quickly be layered up to wet deep gloss look

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