Black Pearl Tire & Trim Armour


Product Benefits 

  • Last up to 6 Months on Tires & Years on Trim 
  • Does not sling off when driving  
  • Dry to the touch &  won’t smear
  • Won’t wash off when it rains & resistant to pressure washing 
  • Easy to apply  
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  • Water & polymer-based product
  • Contains no solvents or silicons to harm your trim & tyres unlike other tire shines 
  • Includes the foam applicator, roller & tray for easy application 
  • Available in Both a Matt & Gloss Finish + can be layered more gloss 

In short

Black Pearl is a better approach to tyre dressing & restoring black plastic trim whilst protecting the trim from things like UV rays that causes plastic trim fading 


The durable coating can last up 6 months when applied correctly. nothing comes close, and it won’t wash off like other tire dressing 

 & it looks better than any silicons or solvent dressing and unlike most tire shines on the market Black Pearl comes in both gloss version which can be carried up to a super high gloss mirror look 

or a more unstated matt look which looks better on classic cars and gives a newer darker look to tires 


Black Pearl can last years on trim our lost test so far is 7 years on an Audi TT the coating can not just be washed off like other trim products 

and when fully cured the coating will not go spotty when it rains or smear if you place your hands on it 

We Think 

There nothing like Black Pearl on the market, you have to try it out to see just how good it is, please try our 30ml samples it can do 4 tires at two coats or enough to try on trim 

Please Remember You Will Need OmniClean   

All-purpose cleaners won’t be strong enough & other cleaners may interfere with Black Pearl   

OmniClean is strong alkin cleaner that’s made by the same creator as black pearl its made to be very effective at removing the waxes, old dressing & browning

 it’s much more powerful than other cleaners having the tire clean is key to how long black Pearl will last black pearl needs to bond with the surface & not the dirt or oils 

Applying & Cleaning the Tires Is Easy 


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