Mad for Detailing M5 Maintain Ceramic Coating Booster 30ml Full Kit


  • Reduces the rain & water spots by up to 98%.
  • Protects freshly applied M10 Coat.
  • Prolongs the life of the coating,- M10 Coat.
  • Creates unparalleled gloss & shine to your cars paintwork.
  • Maintains the self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties of M10 Coat.
  • Includes a microfibre applicator & premium Korean towel
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help keep the self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties of M10 Coat apply every 3 – 6 months


M5 Maintain will further the self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties that M10 Coat initially offers— helping to increase and maintain these properties.

When applied after M10 Coat, it can help to protect the coating, while it fully cures and bonds to the surface.

It is easy to apply. However it is important that it is applied methodically wiped on and wiped off half a panel at a time.

M5 Maintain can be used on its own, it will offer a small degree of protection, but it will increase the hydrophobic properties of the surface.


Think of this like a toper or the top layer of coating that get hit with elements ie rain contaminants first before the M10 coat & as the weeks & months go by the coating will need to be replayed to top the coating as the elements weaken the coating & remove the

This also fixes one of the biggers promel with a ceramic coating which is water spots caused by rain


This product will prolong the life of the ceramic coating which will protect your cars paintwork which will keep your car look amazing


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