Mad for Detailing Tire & Trim Foam Applicator Pads Pack of 2


  • Made From Premium dense foam
  • Makes applying dressing easy
  • The groves help hold the product
  • hold up better vs other foam
  • Can be used on also most any size tire
  • Helps keep your hands clean

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The large applicator is designed to keep your hand clear of the dressing and gives your hands the perfect grip so you won’t drop the sponge

The groves in the sponge help keep the dressing on the sponge rather than letting the dressing spill over and help distribute the dressing more evenly over the surface

when using 

Always use the applicator dry and ensure the surface is clean and dry for best results rinse the sponge after every use to remove any dirt or dressing use warm water

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Mad for Detailing

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