OmniClean Tire & Multi Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser


  • Works on tires, rubber, plastic, viny
  • Alkaline-based for powerful cleaning
  • Available in a Concentrated or RTU Sprayer
  • Dilutable 1.1 or 2.1
  • breaks down old dressings & wax,s
  • Stronger than APC’s
  • Gel formula clings to tire to tire



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  • OmniClean is a powerful alkaline cleaner that formulated by Providential Coatings LLC who also makes black pearl the two are designed to work perfectly it will clean and stripe the tire of any old dressings or wax’s and remove ingrained dirt from the tire so that the tire is clean ready for applying black Pearl to the tire

alkaline based for powerful cleaning


How To Use

  • Sprayer over the tire
  • Use a stiff scrub brush and scrub vigorously
  • Rinse and repeat till the foam is white
  • Leave for 5 mins to let the cleaner remove & break down any oils wax’s or dressing

Applying To Brand New Tires

If applying to brand new tires that still have factory-wax on the surface, perform a lacquer thinner or paint thinner wipe down. Use a clean, absorbant towel. Many Detailers have been doing two rounds of cleaner/degreaser, followed by a lacquer thinner or paint thinner wipe down, on new tires.

Two simple indicators that the tires are properly prepped are: 1) rinse water wets the tires evenly, it does not bead, and 2) tires are much darker when wet.



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