Just how good would black Pearl look after 4000 Km or 2485.485 miles later ?

maybe something like this 


this shows just how durable the coating is black Pearl trim & tyre armour will not just wash off 

and this shows just how it really can last months and in some cases up 8 months 

this image was taken by a customer in Germany who is a big fan of Black Pearl 

you can see how the tire is still black with gloss look even after all those miles 


Will your Tyre Shine last as long as Black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour

I am sure you know that most tire shines don”t last all that long the the tire shines you can buy from auto shops that you spray on last days or the next rain fall and this is type of most tire dressing available

and no matter what you do like applying multiple layers to help stop the tire shine from coming off  & its annoying because it can feel like your wasting your time applying it to your 

the true is that most tire shines are not made to durable because they are made from things like silicons which gives a glossy finishes but does not last long special when driving in rain   

Befor applying Black Pearl
After Applying Black Pearl Gloss
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