Independent Reviews From Detailers & Reviews From Youtube

We can bang on about how amazing black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour is we think it is just the best product for your Trim & Tyres you will try 

So we have given black Pearl trim & tyre armour to many different detailters & product testers for a video reviews so you can get an Independent look at what The Pro think of Black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour

& we have some fab reviews our most recent review comes from Luke over at torque who has done a fab review and seeing the results on this Audi A4 mudflaps speak for it self 

Luke From Tore Steer Fab Review Of Black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour Gloss & Matt

Luke splits his channel between testing detailing products fix and maintain cars 

Watch How JP Details Got The full 6 Months Out Black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour Matt

Joe is Mobil & Unit based detailter from Stafford who also makes time to make You Tube videos about detailing cars as well testing  products his channel is ever growing and is very detailed for any one wanting to see what a good detailer can do to make a car like new again Joe is also one of our approved installers 

Book your Car In Joe From JP Detail 

Our First Review In The UK Done By Paul From Paul Dolden details

Paul has a YouTube channel dedicated to testing detailing products out he does mainly small UK brands pauls  is very passion about detailing   

Watch more Videos 

Brain from Apex Auto Detailing with 2 Amazing Videos Show You Black Pearl Both On Trim & Tyres

Brain is a very well respected detailter and knows a lot a about detailing making videos on you tube testing out many products and showing other how to become a better detailter his words mean a lot 

The first videos goes over applying both to trim & Tyres and again show on a faded bit of trim just how black Pearl can restore black trim & how it wont smear & how it is total dry to the touch 

if your in the us why have your car detailed 

more videos

Video 2 shows the roller method being using to restore the back of a pick up truck black plastic trim faded by the sun over years  

Restoring & Reparing Bleach damaged bumper

This one amazing video and well worth a watch and definitely  show black pearl trim & tyre armour at its very best 

the damage to the jeeps plastic bumper by house hold bleach has left the black plastic with staining that would normal cause permanent damaged

but not in this case with the black tint in black Pearl trim & tyre amour it will cover up the staining leaving the bummer looking like new again 

before & After Black Pearl Trim & Tyre Armour Matt By Pristine Auto Detailing

a short before and after of black pearl trim & tyre armour being used as tire shine or dressing as well as dressing for plastic lining for the wheel arch to restore and darken the plastic      

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Ready to stop wasting time applying tire shine only for it sling off as you drive down the road